CHICAGO — March 2, 2021 — As March kicks off Women’s History Month, Dr. Tanjia M. Coleman, Ph.D., is paving a new path of her own, launching Reimagine Organization Development or “Reimagine OD.” No stranger to the plight of the business world, Dr. Coleman has worked her way through Fortune 100 companies for nearly 20 years. At each stop along her journey, she noticed the same thing.

“There is a lack of women in senior leadership roles in the workplace across the board, especially Black women,” says Dr. Tanjia M. Coleman, owner, and founder of Reimagine OD.

Currently in the U.S., women make up nearly half of the entry-level workforce, but only one-fifth hold C-Suite positions. Of those, only one percent of those are held by Black women.

“Gender and race equality are no strangers to the workplace, but the past year has forced its’ hand, and the time for inclusion is now. Businesses and leadership must take a hard look and examine their practices that have long put men at the top and ask themselves how they can turn the tide making a better future for our children and grandchildren,” adds Dr. Coleman.

Research shows when women take over leadership positions within a company, businesses thrive. Not only that, but when women are at the helm, more attention is given to equality policies and practices.

“Women leaders are not asking for special consideration, but compensation based upon verifiable proven facts with positive outcomes. We all want the same opportunity that is awarded men both formally and informally in organizations that is intentional and planned,” remarks Dr. Coleman.

Through using a combination of organizational change management, positive organization psychology, conscious capitalism, and strategic planning methods, Reimagine OD can put a magnifying glass on blind spots in any business. Programs offered focus on specific niches including Authentic Leadership, Situational Leadership, and Goal Setting.

“Every business has blind spots. But the path to success is taking the initial step to fix them. And even though to some they may seem like minor cracks in the walkway, for others the gaps are wide. Working together to identify those gaps, will make for a more successful business,” says Dr. Coleman.

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