Certificate courses are offered virtually once per month and last one half-day. Courses have a functionally specific focus area for L&D professionals.
Explore what makes a great leadership training program.

Learn strategies to develop your current and future leaders.

Successfully managing your organization’s leadership development programs is key to ensuring your organization’s leaders are prepared for their current and future roles. The Leading Leadership Development Certificate equips you with the proprietary tools and methodologies developed by Training Industry through years of research into the leadership development strategies and programs utilized by high-performing training organizations.

Organized around Training Industry’s research-based model for managing leadership development programs, this certificate imparts you with key skills defined by the Training Manager Competency Model™ that you can use to immediately improve your leadership programs and demonstrate the value of leadership development, expanding the capacity for effective leadership in all levels within your organization.


Lesson 1: Introduction
Lesson 2: Leadership Perspectives
Lesson 3: Programs Types
Lesson 4: Assessments/Evaluation
Lesson 5: Managing Programs and Resources
Lesson 6: Selecting a Vendor
Lesson 7: Case Study Review


After earning this certificate, you will be able to:

  • Identify, understand and assess the key variables that impact the success of enterprise-wide leadership development efforts
  • Match your organization’s leadership goals to leadership training program types, considering hierarchical leadership levels
  • Differentiate and successfully utilize leadership assessments
  • Evaluate and select appropriate resources for the development, delivery and assessment of your organization’s leadership development programs
  • Identify the best leadership development strategies for your organization and know when to develop custom programs


Learn how Training Industry’s certificates can help you earn recertification credits for leading HR and training certifications.