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On our website, TrainingIndustry.com; in Training Industry Magazine; and in our webinars, events and courses, we focus on the professional needs of the learning professional. Our aim is to provide the information, insights and resources needed to more effectively manage the business of learning.

We serve as an expert resource for learning professionals seeking information about best practices and innovative approaches and create an environment for trust and information-sharing among learning professionals, including those in the learning and development function, and experts from companies serving the training industry.

Want to Write for Training Industry?

We welcome contributions from learning leaders. Your article submissions help Training Industry reflect what’s trending in training and help us keep our community up to date with the latest information. We publish in two ways: (1) in Training Industry Magazine and (2) articles on our website.

The editorial calendar for Training Industry Magazine is created annually based on proposals we receive during our open submissions period. Articles must be received by July of each year to be considered for the next year’s calendar. We are currently accepting article proposals for the 2023 editorial calendar. Submit your idea for consideration.

We accept submissions for TrainingIndustry.com all year on topics relevant to training professionals and have monthly themes or focus areas as well:

  • January 2022: L&D’s Role in Talent Retention
  • February 2022: Hybrid Learning Challenges and Solutions
  • March 2022: Coaching and Feedback
  • April 2022: Equitable Learning
  • May 2022: Learning in the Flow of Work
  • June 2022: Skills Assessments and Evaluations
  • July 2022: Partnering for Performance
  • August 2022: Building a Human-centered Workplace
  • September 2022: Learning and the Employee Lifecycle
  • October 2022: Digital Transformation / Digital Skills
  • November 2022: Tech and Tools
  • December 2022: The Business of Learning

In addition to these areas, we are always looking for articles on a variety of training topics.

Articles should focus on sharing thought leadership, ideas, inspiration and how-tos and must contribute knowledge or insights valuable to training professionals. As a result, they should not be commercial or promotional and should not reference products, services or solutions. We also do not publish articles that speak negatively about others, including competitive companies, or about other company or industry processes or practices.

You may submit completed drafts or article ideas for TrainingIndustry.com here or by email to editor@trainingindustry.com.

Training Industry Resources

Training Industry strives to provide actionable and useful information for the learning professional. This includes articles, magazine articles, press releases, research reports, webinars, Top Training Company information, and reference materials in our wiki and glossary sections, on the following topic areas:

Training Industry Resources for the Learning Professional

At Training Industry, we have developed a unique perspective on the role of the learning leader. Through a multi-year, ongoing research project, we have developed exclusive programs supporting the development of the training organization and the training manager. These courses are based on our Training Manager Competency Model™ and include:

A Unique Perspective and Resource for the Training Profession

As the only organization with deep ties to learning professionals, the business of learning, and the companies that provide products and services to the learning profession, Training Industry serves as an expert and trusted resource for the profession. Our unique perspective enables us to provide informed, free and unbiased referrals for training professionals seeking vendor solutions and to provide counsel and guidance to training providers seeking to understand the needs and demands of the learning professional. We welcome your questions.

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