As a learning leader, developing a robust learning strategy for your organization is a crucial part of your role. However, it’s not uncommon for learning leaders to lack confidence in the plans they intend to implement. The Training Industry Strategy Summit is here to change that. This online event offers a venue for you to gain the knowledge, tools and connections you need to confidently create and execute your learning strategy.

Dive into the core principles of effective learning strategies and understand the influence of rapid change on content creation and delivery. You will also uncover the essential elements of evaluating the impact of your strategy.

Engage with industry experts and peers at this year’s Strategy Summit. Don’t miss this chance to gain invaluable perspectives and a renewed sense of direction for your organization’s learning strategy.

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Coaching as Part of Your Strategy
Conducting a Need Analysis
How AI Can Support the Development of Your Strategy
Learning Libraries and Personalization
Leveraging Technologies to Support a Strategic Plan
Measuring the Impact of Your Plan
Onboarding vs. Speed to Proficiency
Principles of a Learning Strategy
Adapting Content Strategies for Rapid Change
The Role of Assessments



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