A course outlining a step by step process for competency modeling

Strategically Close Competency Gaps. Provide Targeted Upskilling. 

Competency modeling is a powerful tool that provides learning and development (L&D) professionals with a data-driven foundation to inform key strategic talent management processes, such as personalized individual or team development plans, targeted upskilling and even succession planning. Competency models align skills and abilities to specific roles or functions within your organization, allowing you to hone in on what your learners need most and create strategic L&D plans that create a big impact.  

In this Training Industry certificate program, you will learn a step-by-step process for developing custom competency models for your organization, including identifying key competencies, writing competency definitions, and gaining agreement and buy-in among stakeholders. You’ll also gain strategies to validly assess employee’s current competency levels and identify the gaps you need to target.  

What You’ll Learn

You will leave this certificate prepared to conduct competency modeling within your organization, including understanding the step-by-step processes and the knowledge to interpret the information you gather.  

After earning this certificate, you will be able to:  

  • Utilize multiple sources of information to determine the key competencies associated with a given role or function.  
  • Create customized competency definitions and behavioral indicators for your organization. 
  • Refine, validate, and maintain your competency models over time to ensure accuracy and relevance. 
  • Assess employees against your competency model to identify strategic competency gaps on the individual and team level.  
  • Gain buy-in for your competency models and effectively partner with stakeholders in development and implementation.


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