The Certified Professional in Training Management (CPTM™) program aligns your team around research-based best practices that will transform how your organization manages corporate training. For maximum value and business impact, customize a program to certify your entire learning and development (L&D team).


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Why should I certify my team?

Align your training goals with the goals of the businesses you support.

Equip your training personnel with the necessary language, tools and resources to drive impactful business results.

Engage in specific discussions on how to apply the CPTM tools and principles in your organization.

Transform your learning team into a high-performing learning organization.



Organizations that employ training managers with certifications are 4x more likely to be rated above average. 


How does the process work?

Our professional development experts are dedicated to your team’s successful application of the CPTM curriculum and will be your trusted resources before, during and after program delivery. 

Where do I start?


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Going through the CPTM program as a group was instrumental to my success in molding the CPTM fundamentals into an actionable plan in my organization.” 

Eric J. North, CPTM, district training officer, Army Corps of Engineers 

“The CPTM Program provides a strong foundation of concepts in the business aspects of training management.” 

Matthew Prager, CPTM, executive training manager, United States Government 


It was helpful for us to have a group practicum, because we [now] have a different type of perspective. The program helped to expand our knowledge and perspective.”  

Heidi Milberg, MBA, CPTM, director of learning solutions, GP Strategies Corporation