Evaluate your training and development efforts. maximize your impact.

How do you prove your business value? The answer is simple: You show your organization how much value you add! The only way training and development professionals will manage to truly convince business leaders, stakeholders and clients that their work is critical to the bottom line is by measuring the results of their learning and development (L&D) programs. Does training improve employee performance?  Does it increase revenue? Are cost decreasing as a result of training? Was your training investment worth it? Right now, 95% of organizations are only aware of their training costs. Very few are aware of their training benefits. Would you be happy investing time and money into something that didn’t show any benefits? 

This highly interactive, two-day certificate course will completely change the game! It will give you all the knowledge, tools, and resources you’ll need to measure and maximize the impact of any training program in your organization. Finally, you’ll be well equipped to show your leaders and stakeholders tangible benefits instead of  costs. To put it in measurement terms — this investment will give you back many years of benefits for your training career. How’s that for ROI?

learning objectives

When you earn your Measuring the Impact of L&D certificate, you’ll demonstrate your ability to:

  • Create a compelling case for WHY you need to measuring training impact in your organization.
  • Apply a simple, multifaceted approach to measuring the impact of your training:
    • Did they like the training?
    • Did they learn anything?
    • Did they improve key behaviors on the job?
    • Did these behaviors benefit the business?
    • Did these benefits outweigh the costs — ROI?
    • Did certain factors maximize the ROI?
  • Create simple but comprehensive slides and presentations to show your stakeholders, clients, or business partners the benefits and results of training.
  • Use your measurement results to recommend enhancements and improve the impact of training in the future.


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Training Industry’s certificates have been pre-approved to fulfill eight Certified Professional in Training Management (CPTM™) recertification credit hours.

Learn how the Measuring the Impact of L&D certificate can help you earn recertification credits for other leading HR and training certifications, including SHRM, HRCI and ATD credentials.