The Business of Learning, the Training Industry podcast, features interviews with experts on topics that help training professionals more effectively manage the business of learning.

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Episode 12: Developing a Learning Ecosystem for the Technical Workforce

Vidya Krishnan, global chief learning officer at Ericsson, shares her thoughts on training technical employees, the “soft skills versus technical skills” debate, and the need for continuous learning.

Episode 11: Distance Learning in Corporate Training

For National Distance Learning Week, Ken Conn (past president and chairman of the board, U.S. Distance Learning Association) and Melissa Loble (senior vice president of professional services and partnerships, Instructure) share their thoughts on distance learning, what the future of online training looks like, and what corporate L&D leaders can learn from K-12 and university education.

Episode 10: What Do Learners Want?

Amy DuVernet, CPTM, Ph.D., shares insights on what learners want, why we should care, and how to deliver engaging and effective training.

Episode Nine: The Executive Perspective on L&D

Tom Whelan, Ph.D., describes how executives see corporate training and shares strategies for L&D leaders to work with executives to develop and implement training strategy.


Episode #8: Working and Training in the Age of Automation

Larry Boyer, consultant, speaker and author of the new book “The Robot in the Next Cubicle: What You Need to Know to Adapt and Succeed in the Automation Age,” shares his thoughts on how automation and artificial intelligence are impacting work and training and tells us why he calls himself an optimistic realist.


Episode #7, Sales Enablement: Where Training Meets Strategy

Four experts share tips, tricks and insights on developing an effective sales enablement strategy that includes training.


Episode #6: The Learner Experience

Sam Herring and Dr. Tom Tonkin define the learner experience and share tips for creating a good one.


Episode #5: Creating an Engaged, Connected Organization

Michael Lee Stallard and Jay Morris share insights on employee wellness, satisfaction and engagement.


Episode #4: International Coaching Week

Just in time for International Coaching Week, we speak to a panel of experts about communication, feedback, technology and coaching.


Episode #3: Preconceptions of 70-20-10

Tom Whelan, Ph.D., director of corporate research, shares insights from a research report on revising the 70-20-10 model for the 21st-century learning organization.


Episode #2, The Gender Gap in Leadership Training: How Learning and Development Can Help Break the Glass Ceiling

Joanna Barsh, director emerita and senior advisor for McKinsey & Company, co-chair of the International Council on Women’s Business Leadership’s Leadership Working Group and president of the Centered Leadership Project, shares her model of leadership development, tips for L&D to support gender-balanced leadership, myths about women’s leadership development, and her own female leader heroes.


Episode #1: Training Manager Competency Model

Amy DuVernet, Ph.D., CPTM, director of training manager development, discusses the Training Manager Competency Model™, shares some of the competencies and provides tips for training managers to develop their skills.



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