The Training Industry Podcast features interviews with experts on topics that help training professionals more effectively manage the business of learning.


Episode #7, Sales Enablement: Where Training Meets Strategy

Four experts share tips, tricks and insights on developing an effective sales enablement strategy that includes training.



Episode #6: The Learner Experience

Sam Herring and Dr. Tom Tonkin define the learner experience and share tips for creating a good one.



Episode #5: Creating an Engaged, Connected Organization

Michael Lee Stallard and Jay Morris share insights on employee wellness, satisfaction and engagement.


Episode #4: International Coaching Week

Just in time for International Coaching Week, we speak to a panel of experts about communication, feedback, technology and coaching.


Episode #3: Preconceptions of 70-20-10

Tom Whelan, Ph.D., director of corporate research, shares insights from an upcoming research report on revising the 70-20-10 model for the 21st-century learning organization.


Episode #2, The Gender Gap in Leadership Training: How Learning and Development Can Help Break the Glass Ceiling

Joanna Barsh, director emerita and senior advisor for McKinsey & Company, co-chair of the International Council on Women’s Business Leadership’s Leadership Working Group and president of the Centered Leadership Project, shares her model of leadership development, tips for L&D to support gender-balanced leadership, myths about women’s leadership development, and her own female leader heroes.


Episode #1: Training Manager Competency Model

Amy DuVernet, Ph.D., CPTM, director of certification programs, discusses the Training Manager Competency Model™, shares some of the competencies and provides tips for training managers to develop their skills.