HAGERSTOWN, Md. — May 18, 2020 — d’Vinci Interactive is pleased to announce that its GSA Professional Services Schedule (PSS) has been extended five years until June 30th, 2025. Under this schedule, d’Vinci provides training and eLearning development, integrated marketing, educational website development, and media production services.

Since 2011, d’Vinci has provided services through the contract to agencies including the National Parks Service, the National Institutes of Health, the US Forest Service and the Administrative Offices of the US Courts.

Recent GSA work includes educational website design and interactive learning experience development for the National Human Genome Research Institute. d’Vinci’s work on UnlockingLifesCode.org has supported exhibits in the Smithsonian and earned Creativity, Horizon Interactive, Teachers’ Choice, and Creative Child Awards.

About d’Vinci Interactive

d’Vinci Interactive (www.dvinci.com) is a qualified small business and holds the consolidated GSA Professional Services Schedule (PSS), contract #GS-00F-190CA. For more than 25 years, d’Vinci has developed learning experiences, educational websites and web and mobile applications that increase sales, improve productivity and efficiency and ensure safety and compliance.