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5 Strategies to Gain Buy-in From Sales Training Participants

Sponsored3 min read
For any sales training initiative to be successful and achieve maximum return on investment, there must be buy-in from the training participants. It can be challenging to get salespeople excited about training, since they’ll be pulled away from selling.

Creating Learner Personas for Learning Success

4 min read
Marketers create hypothetical people called consumer personas that are representative of their target audience. Consumers want to feel heard and seen. So do learners, which is why adopting learner personas is an important step in learner-centered training.

How Neuroscience Can Help Us Develop Better Training

4 min read
We are living through a breathtaking explosion of research into the neuroscience of learning. If we were to create education as a new discipline today, there is no doubt that we would do so based on the foundational principles of cognitive science.