Delivered in partnership with SoftEd, the Agile Certification for HR and L&D is completed online, over the course of three days, with 5 hours of instruction each. This live, virtual instructor-led (VILT) class utilizes communities of interest (CoIs) to engage cognitive, social and teaching components through focused discussions, analysis and the opportunity to workshop application using your own work contexts. The ICP-AHR certification from ICAgile is granted upon the successful completion of this course.


Prework includes two short readings and 1 one-hour video which introduces you to agile concepts and methodologies, creating a foundation of understanding that you will rely on throughout the class.


Defining Agile and Its Relevant in HR and L&d

  • What is Agile?
  • When is Agile Appropriate?
  • Defining Problems Using the Cynefin Framework

Fostering Agile Teams

  • The Effects of Structure on Behavior
  • Teams of Teams and Teaming
  • Value Stream Alignment
  • Shared Consciousness

Agile Mindset

  • Growth Mindset and Learned Helplessness
  • Fear System vs. Seeking System
  • HR Seeking Systems


  • Agile Leadership
  • Servant and Adaptive Leadership
  • Psychological Safety

Design Thinking

  • Journey Mapping and Personas
  • Exercise: Craft a Persona and Map the Associated Employee Persona

Design Workshop

  • EPIC 1: Hiring/Onboarding
  • Selecting for Ability, Social Skills and Drive
  • EPIC 2: Feedback and Performance Management
  • Continuous and Peer Feedback

Design Workshop

  • Epic 3: Pay and Incetivization
  • Transparency and Fairness
  • Job Roles and Titles
  • Epic 4: Training and Development

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