As a member of the Certified Professional in Training Management (CPTM™) alumni community, you are joining an elite group of professionals spearheading the future of learning and development (L&D). Training Industry is committed to your ongoing success in the field. CPTM alumni have continuous access to the program’s research-based body of knowledge and exclusive access to professional development opportunities designed for today’s learning leader.


CPTM alumni can be found in 26 countries across the globe.


Expert Guidance and Curated Tools, Models and Templates

  • CPTM alumni have access to personal guidance from all of Training Industry’s subject matter experts, including assistance in identifying vendors and products to support your business needs. Click here for more information.
  • Alumni also have access to research-based tools, models, templates and job aids that are uniquely designed for the training manager role.

Career Advancement

  • Certification gives you a competitive edge. In fact, Training Industry research found that nearly 25% of CPTMs who have held their credential for at least one year reported receiving a promotion or salary increase as a result of their certification.

Exclusive Discounts

Certification Welcome Package

  • Welcome letter from Training Industry, Inc.’s chief executive officer, founder and the director of training manager development.
  • CPTM certificate complete with the Training Industry seal.
  • Acclaim digital badge to showcase your industry knowledge and expertise with your network on social media.

An Expanded Professional Network

  • As a CPTM alum, you gain access to the exclusive CPTM Alumni LinkedIn Group. This group offers a space where you can connect and share challenges with, and receive advice from, your peers. Recently added job listings with the CPTM credential listed as a preferred qualification are regularly posted in this group.
  • CPTMs are part of a strong network of professionals dedicated to the business of learning. You will find this network an invaluable support as you navigate your career as a training manager.

Monthly Virtual Roundtables

  • CPTM alumni gain access to Through the Leader’s Lens, an exclusive monthly virtual roundtable discussion series for CPTM alumni exploring topics, trends, issues and solutions designed to help you lead the change in your organization. Topics may include anything from advancing diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) to supporting employee well-being.
  • The virtual roundtable discussions offer a place for CPTMs to share their challenges, brainstorm solutions and connect with their peers.

Establish Your Voice In the Industry

Monthly Newsletter

  • The CPTM alumni newsletter is sent monthly to all CPTM graduates to keep you informed of upcoming continuing education opportunities and events.
  • The alumni newsletter is uniquely curated to help you, a learning leader, perform in your role.
  • It also recognizes recently certified members, lists the latest published articles and blogs on and highlights the latest episode of our award-winning podcast, The Business of Learning.

Job Confidence

  • Certification offers you the knowledge and expertise you need to drive the business of learning — improving your confidence as a L&D leader in the process. In fact, Training Industry research found that 93% of CPTMs reported feeling more confident in their ability to do their jobs.


Upon certification, recent alums report that:

“My role in strategic planning and C-suite briefings has increased.”

“My understanding, acquisition, and use of business acumen has greatly improved.”

“I’ve learned so much, use [the certification] all the time, and feel it raised my career to a new level.”

“I anticipate receiving a promotion in the future because of earning this credential.”


CPTMs are employed by and sought after by organizations across industries looking for learning leaders with proven knowledge and expertise.

Furthermore, Training Industry research found that nearly 25% of CPTMs who have held their credential for at least one year reported receiving a promotion or salary increase as a result of their certification.


Training Industry offers guidance and tracking to ensure CPTMs have a plan that they can execute to continue their professional development. For current alumni, find more about the recertification process here.

Learn how the Certified Professional in Training Management (CPTM) program can help you earn recertification credits for other HR and training certifications.