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The Building D&I Training Programs Workshop spans four hours and you will take part in a live, virtual instructor-led class (VILT), that includes ample time for discussion, analysis and application.

where to start
  • Self-reflection discussion.
  • Your company’s business case for diversity.
  • Identifying company needs.

RELATED JOB AIDS: Guided self-reflection activity

Overcoming Common Barriers to D&I Programming
  • Common challenges to D&I programming.
  • The role of empathy when securing stakeholder support.
  • Establishing an integrated approach.

RELATED JOB AIDS: “What’s in it for me?” Diagnostics Worksheet, Common Pitfalls & Barriers that Sabotage D&I

  • D&I training vs. programming.
  • Sourcing reliable and relevant content.
  • Creating a framework for design, development and implementation.

RELATED JOB AIDS: Consideration Flow Charts for D&I Strategy, Programming, and Training; Creating Champions of D&I

ACTIVITY: Part 1 of Case Study – Build a D&I strategy, program, or training for a fictitious company.

  • Measuring your program’s success.
  • Evaluating and maintaining content.

RELATED JOB AIDS: Sample list of potential D&I metrics, D&I glossary of terms

ACTIVITY: Part 2 of Case Study – Determine what metrics to use, how those metrics will be reported, and to whom.


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To preview the course content, download these job aids:

Link to helping training managers become D&I champions job aid

link to pitfalls and barriers that sabotage D&I efforts job aid