The Strategic Planning Master Class spans four hours and is completed online. When you attend this program, you’ll take part in a live, virtual instructor-led class (VILT), that includes ample time for discussion, analysis and application.

What is strategic planning?
  • Strategic Planning and Management Framework
  • Introduction to Your Strategy Road Map
  • Integrated Surround Strategy Model
where to start
  • Step 1: Targeting your plan for alignment
  • Step 2: Identifying strategic priorities

RELATED JOB AIDS: 6 Steps, Actions, Tools Framework, Mission and Visioning Rubric, Strategic Priorities Form

assessing your OPERATING environment
  • Step 3: Information gathering through assessment
  • Assessment tools and their application

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How to create and monitor your road map and action plan
  • Step 4: Creating your strategy road map, including identifying key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Step 5: Action planning for execution
  • Step 6: Monitoring targets and taking corrective actions

RELATED JOB AIDS: One Page Strategy Road Map Template, Action Planning Template, KPI Balanced Scorecard Framework and Analysis Template

next steps
  • Involving the stakeholder across all steps

CAPSTONE ACTIVITY: Action planning


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