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The Training Needs Assessment certificate program spans eight hours and is completed online, over two half-days. You will take part in a live, virtual instructor-led (VILT) class, that includes ample time for discussion, analysis and an applied case study review. 


Your prework includes two brief reading assignments and aactivity designed to provide foundational knowledge about the four levels of needs assessmentthe outcomes of needs assessment and the types of questions needs assessment can answer. 


Introduction to the Importance of Needs Assessment

  • Defining training needs assessment.
  • Needs analysis as a risk mitigation strategy.
  • The needs assessment process.

Related Job Aid: Needs Analysis Project Planner

The 4 Lenses of Needs Assessment (Part 1)

  • How and when to approach needs assessment from four lenses: organization, performance, person and process.
  • The best data sources and strategies for each lens.
  • Activity: Identifying the appropriate lens.

Related Job Aids: Tips for Surveys, Tips for Preparing and Conducting Interviews, Questions for Preliminary Analysis


The 4 Lenses of Needs Assessment (Part 2)

  • Activity: Developing a data strategy.

Making Sense of Data

  • Analyzing your data.
  • What to do when data sources disagree.
  • Determining how to prioritize needs.

Proposing Recommendations and Gaining Buy-in

  • Preparing to give recommendations.
  • Anticipating and addressing pushback.
  • Activity: Communicating your solutions to stakeholders.

Related Job Aids: Communicating Results Via Executive Summary, Recommendations Conversation Worksheet


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Download the Project Planning Checklist to preview the course content:

Link to project planning checklist for training needs assessment job aid