The Training Needs Assessment certificate program spans eight hours and is completed online, over two half-days. You will take part in a live, virtual instructor-led (VILT) class, that includes ample time for discussion, analysis and an applied case study review. 


Your prework includes two brief reading assignments and aactivity designed to provide foundational knowledge about the four levels of needs assessmentthe outcomes of needs assessment and the types of questions needs assessment can answer. 


Introduction to the Importance of Needs Assessment 

  • Defining training needs assessment. 
  • Review the importance of needs assessment in the training development process. 
  • Needs analysis as a risk mitigation strategy. 

Types of Needs Assessment and When to Use Them 

  • Four levels of needs assessment (organization, program, person, task). 
  • Questions answered at each level. 

Data Sources and Strategies

  • Data sources pros and cons and when to use. 
  • Create a data gathering strategy based on a real-world scenario. 

Job aids: Tips for Surveys, Tips for Preparing and Conducting Interviews, Questions for Preliminary Analysis, Needs Assessment Project Planner 


Identifying Gaps 

  • Aligning gap analysis to organizational goals. 
  • Planning for measuring success of interventions. 
  • Adjusting strategies for gathering information based on your audience. 

ActivityWhen Training Isn’t the Answer  

Effectively Communicating With Stakeholders 

  • How to involve stakeholders throughout the process 

Job aids: Executive Report, Recommendations Conversation Preparation  

Aligning Needs Assessment With Course/Program Design

  • Translating needs assessment into instructional design recommendations 

Managing the Needs Assessment Process 

  • Identifying and communicating with stakeholders.  
  • Prioritizing between competing needs.  

Application: Identify the Scope 

  • Review the stages of a needs assessment and discuss time and resource requirements 

Job aid: Identifying the Scope of a Training Needs Analysis 


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