Measuring the impact of L&D program overview is two half days, a certificate is awarded, virtual, sessions for every time zone, will be in the english language

Training Industry’s Measuring the Impact of L&D Certificate equips you with multiple training measurement approaches and strategies. This Training Industry course is designed to help you develop key skills defined by the Training Manager Competency Model™ that you can immediately apply in your role as you evaluate training and development effectiveness in your organization. Demonstrating the value of your training initiatives will solidify your position as a critical business asset.

The program is completed 100% online through two half-day, live virtual sessions. Upon completion, you’ll be awarded a certificate and digital  badge to highlight your achievement and expertise in training measurement.


When you complete this program, you’ll leave with:

  • The ability to apply multiple training measurement methods to gather L&D metrics.
  • Confidence in your ability to use those metrics to demonstrate the effectiveness of your organization’s training and development programs.
  • A tailored training evaluation plan.
  • A certificate validating your expertise in measuring training effectiveness.

After earning this certificate, you will be able to:

  • Identify the most appropriate training measurement strategy based on your unique program.
  • Identify the proper methods and sources for gathering training and development data based on your evaluation plan.
  • Communicate training and development results to an executive audience.
  • Apply your training measurement expertise to real-world scenarios with realistic constraints.

During the course, you’ll complete the following lessons, which also include practical application activities:

Lesson 1 – Introduction
Lesson 2 – Approaches to Measurement
Lesson 3 – Participant Reactions (Kirkpatrick “Level 1”)
Lesson 4 – Knowledge Acquisition (Kirkpatrick “Level 2”)
Lesson 5 – Behavior Change (Kirkpatrick “Level 3”)
Lesson 6 – Business Impact (Kirkpatrick “Level 4”)
Lesson 7 – Return on Investment (ROI)
Lesson 8 – Transfer Climate Analysis
Lesson 9 – Case Studies: Business Examples of Training Measurement Strategy
Lesson 10 – Capstone Activity

View the course agenda for more detail about what you will learn in this course.




Download the Evaluation Plan Template to preview the course content:

Link to evaluation plan for measuring the impact of training job aid

This is not just another discussion about how important it is to measure the impact of your training. You’ll learn what and how and when to measure. You will receive helpful samples, be led in useful discussion, and be taught by an excellent and highly knowledgeable facilitator.”

– Rachel Weaver, CPTM, Community and Volunteer Engagement Director