The Measuring the Impact of L&D Certificate equips you with multiple approaches to training program evaluation. This certificate is designed to help you develop key skills defined by the Training Manager Competency Model™ that you can immediately apply in your role as you evaluate the effectiveness of your training programs. Demonstrating the value of your training initiatives will solidify your position as a critical business asset.

The program is completed 100% online through two half-day, live virtual sessions. Upon completion, you’ll be awarded a certificate and digital  badge to highlight your achievement and expertise in measuring the impact of L&D.


When you complete this program, you’ll leave with: the ability to apply multiple training evaluation methods and measure the effectiveness of your organization’s L&D programs; a tailored evaluation plan; and a certificate validating your expertise in measuring the impact of L&D.

After earning this certificate, you will be able to:

  • Identify the most appropriate measurement strategy based on your unique training program.
  • Identify the proper methods and sources for gathering training and development data based on your evaluation plan.
  • Communicate training and development results to an executive audience.
  • Apply your knowledge of measurement to real-world scenarios with realistic constraints.

During the course, you’ll complete the following lessons, which also include practical application activities:

Lesson 1 – Introduction
Lesson 2 – Approaches to Measurement
Lesson 3 – Participant Reactions (Kirkpatrick “Level 1”)
Lesson 4 – Knowledge Acquisition (Kirkpatrick “Level 2”)
Lesson 5 – Behavior Change (Kirkpatrick “Level 3”)
Lesson 6 – Business Impact (Kirkpatrick “Level 4”)
Lesson 7 – Return on Investment (ROI)
Lesson 8 – Transfer Climate Analysis
Lesson 9 – Case Studies: Business Examples of Measurement Strategy
Lesson 10 – Capstone Activity

View the course agenda for more detail about what you will learn in this course.