Certificate courses are offered virtually once per month and last one half-day. Courses have a functionally specific focus area for L&D professionals.

Explore how to effectively manage learning technologies.

Technology pervades education, from public schools to Fortune 500 corporations. This course offers insight into the functions of learning technologies and demonstrates how they can support learning in your organization. Through an in-depth exploration of the learning technology management life cycle, you’ll gain an understanding of how to select, purchase, implement, maintain and retire learning technologies to improve the business impact of your training organization. You’ll also learn about the ways that learning technologies contribute to training processes, including administration, content development, delivery, reporting, and more.

Organized around Training Industry’s research-based model for managing leadership development programs, this certificate imparts you with key skills defined by the Training Manager Competency Model™ that you can use to successfully manage and evaluate learning technologies to optimize their impact and adopted use.


Lesson 1 – Welcome, Objectives and Introductions
Lesson 2 – Technology Lifecycle Overview
Lesson 3 – Functions of Learning Technology
Lesson 4 – Administrative Technology
Lesson 5 – Content Creation and Management Technologies
​Lesson 6 – Training Delivery Technologies
Lesson 7 – Reporting and Analyses Technologies
​Lesson 8 – Learner Experience Platform


After earning this certificate, you will be able to:

  • Differentiate between various learning technologies on the market
  • Determine which learning technologies are best suited to your organization’s specific needs
  • Discuss the learning technologies management life cycle
  • Integrate technologies to optimize the impact of learning


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