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The Importance of “Big-G” Goals

3 min read
The absence of a big goal impacts how well we achieve our small goals. It affects how we approach our work and the overall vibe we feel and share. Our habits and practices tell the story of who we are. What story are your actions telling?

Learning and Development Project Checklist

4 min read
As learning professionals, we know that we are often in the public eye. Much like how leaders must practice what they preach, we must be able to create and use job aids and keep reminders handy to help ourselves — just as we do to help our learners.

How to Work With Jerks

4 min read
Working with a jerk? You’re not alone. At their core, work jerks are people who don’t have the social skills to be successful or even tolerable at work. Not addressing the “how to work with jerks” challenge is costly to individuals and employers...

The Power of Kindness in 3 Acts

3 min read
How important is kindness in organizational cultures? Spreading kindness is a skill set and can be an intentional act and a part of your organizational culture. Here are three distinct ways you can spread kindness.