The most successful learning and development (L&D) leaders are not only experts in learning; they’re experts in the business of learning. They ensure training initiatives drive business results through mastery of the internal consulting needed to identify training needs and strategic align them to business goals. The Comprehensive Internal Consulting Model describes the five phases that help position learning leaders as credible internal consultants to the businesses they serve. The five phases are:

  1. Contracting

The contracting phase includes establishing and documenting all agreements related to the engagement. During this phase, learning leaders define problems, identify stakeholders and resources, clarify expectations, define boundaries, and establish a timeline.

  1. Analysis

During the analysis phase, learning leaders identify and use data to make informed recommendations and work to understand any underlying organizational dynamics that they should take into consideration.

  1. Recommendations and Agreements

During this phase, learning leaders present their findings, recommendations and success metrics to key stakeholders. They also address resistance and negotiate to gain buy-in.

  1. Implementation

In the fourth phase, learning leaders implement the agreed-upon solution and ensure consistent, two-way feedback.

  1. Assess Results

Based on the preapproved success metrics, learning leaders measure the solution’s success, solicit and provide feedback, and communicate the next steps regarding client handoffs.

The comprehensive internal consulting model forms the basis for Training Industry’s Internal Consulting master class. Learn more here.

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