Since 2008, Training Industry, Inc. has collected data from training professionals across industries in an attempt to understand what makes high-performing training organizations so successful. After over a decade of research, we’ve discovered eight process capabilities that, when optimized, make training organizations great:

1. Strategic Alignment

Strategic alignment is the process of creating training programs that align with business goals and objectives.

2. Content Development

Content development is the process of assessing, designing, managing and maintaining training content.

3. Delivery

Delivery is the process of managing an instructor network and delivering training in multiple learning modalities.

4. Diagnostics

Diagnostics is the process of identifying the causes of performance problems and making recommendations on how to solve them.

5. Reporting and Analysis

Reporting and analysis is the process of defining business metrics and reporting on data to make improvements in training programs.

6. Technology Integration

Technology integration is the process of integrating learning technologies with each other and/or with other business applications.

7. Administrative Services

Administrative services is a group of processes that include scheduling, registration, technology and other support functions.

8. Portfolio Management

Portfolio management is the process of managing, rationalizing and maintaining large portfolios of training programs.

Each of these processes is made up of a number of best practices. They have varying levels of importance, but the best-performing training organizations do them all well. To learn more about each process and how to improve your capabilities in each, purchase our report “What Makes a Training Organization Great?”, or register for our Certified Professional in Training Management program, which is based on this research.