Technology integration is the process of optimizing technologies to achieve seamless communication between systems and ease of use for employees. Through over a decade of research, Training Industry, Inc. has identified technology integration as a critical process capability of great training organizations, especially in the technology and medical industries.

Best Practices for Technology Integration

Training organizations achieve great technology integration by ensuring training content is compatible across the technologies the organization and its employees use. Technical standards such as SCORM (Shareable Content Object Reference Model), experience application programming interface (xAPI) and learning technology interoperability (LTI) enable companies to establish and enhance communication between technologies.

Another best practice of technology integration is frequent and clear communication with your information technology (IT) department. Clear communication enables the IT department to better understand the needs and goals of the learning organization and vice versa. In fact, 32% of respondents to Training Industry’s research identified communication between the IT and learning and development (L&D) teams as very important.

Technology integration drives the infrastructure keeping your learning initiatives running. Achieving seamless technology integration contributes to the development of a great training organization.

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