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An evidence-based way of incorporating individual learner differences into training modality selection is to pick training modalities based on learner preferences.
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Design thinking is an approach to problem-solving and creativity based on the field of design. It is especially useful for complex problems as well as developing products, such as training programs or content, that require creativity.
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In today's highly diverse and multigenerational workforce, the challenge isn't about how to offer learning programs to employees, but rather what types of learning programs to offer and how best...
Training professionals have for many years, dealt with the challenge of improving the learners’ retention after they leave the classroom or online training experience.
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Action learning is a style of learning in which individuals control their own learning experience, unlike traditional education methods that rely on the development of content by training organizations and...
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Knowledge transfer is the process by which experienced employees share or distribute their knowledge, skills and behaviors to the employees replacing them.
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The term user-generated content refers to media content available on Internet portals and social applications that has been contributed by and for a specific community. Within the training industry, it...