27 Jun 2022
1:00 pm ET

As the world of work continues to accelerate and change in the face of huge environmental, technological and cultural shifts, the need for upskilling and reskilling has only increased. Workers can no longer stand still in their existing roles, and with the sudden changes in the business world and the way we work, we’ll all need to become learners if we hope to survive. So what should learning and development (L&D) teams do to support the growth of skills in their organization?

Join us in the complimentary Training Industry webinar sponsored by OpenSesame, with your host, Mehdi Tounsi, senior regional director of Europe, Middle East and Africa. In this interactive session, Mehdi will discuss upskilling and reskilling as a learning strategy and ways to help your people succeed as they forge new careers within your organization.

In this webinar, attendees will learn:

  • Why upskilling and reskilling is so important in today’s economy.
  • How organizations today are reskilling and upskilling their people.
  • How innovative approaches to upskilling and reskilling are impacting organizations’ ability to energize, retain and attract great people.
  • How you can address upskilling and reskilling on a global scale.