5 Nov 2020
1:00 pm ET 60 mins

If you’re still measuring training success as a series of completions and checkmarks, it’s time to think differently. The competition for top talent is tighter than ever, and high-performing employees are looking ways to continuously grow and develop their skills. Creating a culture of learning at your organization benefits both your employees and your bottom line. It’s a win-win.  

Join us for this complimentary Training Industry webinar, sponsored by Unboxed Training & Technology, where your host, Dave Romero, president at Unboxed, will discuss how to develop the continuous learning culture that your people want and your business needs.  

This interactive webinar will provide actionable insights on:  

  • Empowering your team with employee-driven learning roadmaps. 
  • Blending virtual and in-person learning and coaching experiences for maximum impact. 
  • Embedding learning rhythms into every part of your business.