8 Oct 2020
1:00 pm ET 60 mins

Nearly one in five Americans say they have a physical reaction when thinking about the global pandemic we’re currently experiencing, according to Pew Research. This kind of stress puts both our bodies and brains on high alert, intensifying negative emotions and causing restless nights and unproductive days. All humans have a built-in negativity bias, which undermines a more rational approach to challenges thrust upon us. Those challenges go beyond the threat of the virus itself by drastically altering our normal routines.

Join us for this complimentary Training Industry webinar, sponsored by TRACOM Group, where you will learn to combat stress by recognizing emotional triggers and utilizing proven strategies for changing your mindset and behaviors. After all, it isn’t about simply “bouncing back” from adversity — it’s about “bouncing forward because of it.

You will also learn how to:

  • Better understand your own emotions and behaviors during stressful times.
  • Discover how the negativity bias prevents you from being naturally resilient.
  • Recognize your emotional triggers and how to change your behaviors.
  • Leverage proven strategies that will make you more adaptable, mindful and grateful.