2 Mar 2022
1:00 pm ET

Learning is one of the most vital contributors toward organizational success. However, in a time of rapid change, achieving alignment of business goals with learning opportunities in a dispersed workforce can be challenging. With technology evolving at an unprecedented rate and the work environment shifting to remote, the half-life of skills has become two to three years. To overcome these new challenges, learning leaders must find strategies in learning to build a capable and future-focused workforce.

Join us for this complimentary Training Industry webinar, sponsored by NovoEd, where your hosts, NovoEd Learning Leaders Christina Yu and Alex Gruhin, will demonstrate how to cultivate a performance-ready, capable and connected culture with social and collaborative learning strategies. Whether you’re interested in onboarding a remote workforce, building an inclusive leadership program or upskilling your sales team, this session will help you forge a path forward in the “new normal.”

This interactive webinar with provide meaningful insights on:

  • Developing organizational capabilities at scale.
  • Deepening connections across individuals, teams and whole organizations.
  • Cultivating a performance-ready and connected culture with social and collaborative learning strategies.
  • Transforming human capital into a competitive advantage.