19 Oct 2022
1:00 pm ET

If organizations are doing a good job of preparing sales teams, why are only 25% of reps hitting quota? It’s time we did something about this! The key to sales success isn’t knowledge — it’s the ability to turn that knowledge into action to drive real business results. It’s time to turn old-fashioned training strategies into high-impact sales enablement methods. And there’s a host of new technologies that can do just that.

Join Performance Development Group (PDG) in this complimentary Training Industry webinar, where PDG’s vice president of consulting, Rich Mesch, and global thought leader of sales performance, Sean Frontz, will join Karl Kapp, professor of instructional technology at Bloomsburg University, as they look at the state of sales readiness today — revealing some staggering statistics about how and why sales quota attainment is still lagging.

They will discuss technology’s role in sales performance impact and suggest ways technology can be used to operationalize skill building in your organization. They will also look at new innovative technologies on the horizon designed to help drive performance, like artificial intelligence (AI) driven performance systems, gamification, virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) and The Metaverse. Lastly, they will put insights into action and look at how a real sales leader can use technology to improve sales readiness.

This interactive session will provide insights on:

  • The state of sales readiness today and the real reasons reps are not hitting sales targets.
  • How to turn training strategies into high-impact sales enablement methods.
  • The technologies that are helping to drive performance.
  • How sales leaders can use these concepts and principles to improve sales readiness in their own organizations.