24 Oct 2018
1:00 pm ET 60 min

Just as software companies have moved to an agile model to accelerate product development, it may be time for sales enablement leaders to do the same.

Organizations don’t have the luxury of taking months to ramp up new salespeople. Taking an agile approach to sales onboarding – one built on competency “sprints” and continuous assessments – may be the answer.

Join us for this complimentary Training Industry webinar, sponsored by Brainshark. Jim Ninivaggi, chief readiness officer at Brainshark, will discuss how the agile framework can strengthen your onboarding, re-boarding and overall sales enablement strategies.

During this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to provide ongoing evaluations of where to focus onboarding efforts based on real-time data and “scrums”
  • Why having focused coaches in the field is critical to success
  • How you can use technology to organize, build, deliver and track an agile onboarding approach