25 Oct 2022
11:00 am ET

The corporate world is witnessing tremendous changes in many areas. It’s a vibrant tapestry with different generations of learners, hybrid working models, new technologies as the new norm and more. Training is also expanding to help employees perform their best in this flux and the role of learning and development (L&D) is becoming multifaceted.

L&D has to speak the language of the business to ensure training addresses learning gaps and contribute to the bottom line. We need a paradigm shift from servicing orders to offering a holistic consultative approach. Technology is no longer the domain of the information technology (IT) team; and immersive learning shouldn’t be as hard as chasing that elusive rainbow.

So, how can L&D make an impact? Will the old norms serve us or is it time to break the mold? What should your roadmap for 2023 look like?

Join us for this complimentary Training Industry webinar sponsored by CommLab India. Your host RK Prasad, chief executive officer and co-founder will share insights that’ll help you fix your L&D strategy and outline focus areas for great impact in 2023.

This interactive session will provide key insights on:

  • How to market the L&D function within your organization.
  • Tips to build your personal brand.
  • How to support internal mobility.
  • Using new tools and tech that reduce training rollout time and save cost