22 Feb 2022
1:00 pm ET

When people’s heads are down, “performing, performing, performing,” where can learning fit in? If there is no room for learning and development (L&D), then performance will soon suffer. An organization’s success is dependent on their employees’ skills development and continuous learning opportunities.

Join us in this complimentary Training Industry webinar sponsored by OpenSesame. Your host, TED@Work’s director of content experience, Kayla Nalven will share insights from a TED speaker’s take on creating learning versus performances zones to spark a culture of continuous learning, listening and reflection. After watching the talk together, she’ll explore TED’s approach to scaling discussion-based learning and how it can help people of all experience levels develop skills, build influence and question paradigms in repeatable and low stakes ways.

In this session you will learn:

  • A TED speaker’s approach to making time for “learning versus performing” at work.
  • How organizations can create “low-stakes islands” for learning by introducing discussion-based learning.
  • The relationships between discussion-based learning, leadership development and inclusion inside organizations.
  • Ways discussion-based learning can support your learning and development (L&D) strategy.