20 Sep 2023
11:00 am ET

A common challenge for learning and development (L&D) professionals is showcasing the value and ROI of the initiatives they run. Stakeholders have invested in training, and now it’s time to prove that this investment translates into tangible growth for the organization. But how do you effectively align your learning programs with overarching business objectives? How do you demonstrate the organizational impact of your efforts and secure future investment?

Join us for this Training Industry webinar, sponsored by Core Strengths and hosted by Steve Wood, vice president of global delivery at Core Strengths, and Liz Lazzaro, learning solutions manager at Core Strengths, where they will discuss strategies that bridge the gap between training events and lasting organizational transformation. We’ll explore techniques designed to align learning with business objectives, embed it into daily operations and effectively show the impact your L&D efforts are making that will resonate with stakeholders.

During this webinar session, you’ll gain insights on how to:

  • Create a learning culture: Create a learning ecosystem that generates positive change long after training sessions end, driving lasting momentum.
  • Design fit-for-purpose solutions: Challenge assumptions from identified key indicators and incorporate additional insights and perspectives to create relevant, scalable solutions.
  • Embed learning into daily operations: Provide practical applications to embed and sustain learning in employees’ day-to-day activities.
  • Demonstrate impact: Present the outcomes of sustained learning with compelling evidence, connecting improved performance metrics, collaboration and engagement to resonate with stakeholders.