7 Dec 2022
1:00 pm ET 1 hr

Content demands will only increase, and creating one-off programs for each and every deliverable and audience across the enterprise won’t be sustainable. Discover the benefits of reassembling content for reuse to truly personalize content, gain efficiency and provide data insights, all while slashing content development and maintenance time. Whether you have a learning management system (LMS), learning experience platform (LXP), rapid authoring tools etc., Xyleme can integrate with your tech stack and maximize the potential of your entire content ecosystem.

Join us for this complimentary Training Industry Webinar, sponsored by Xyleme, Inc. Xyleme’s senior solutions architects, Mike Buoy and Adam Jensen, will demonstrate the benefits of leveraging technology to reuse content across the extended enterprise, reassembling it for each unique audience to provide truly personalized content experiences.

In this interactive session, attendees will learn how Xyleme CCMS:

  • Can empower your organization to drive efficiencies.
  • Can increase ROI across the content management lifecycle.
  • Slashes content development time, maintenance and translation costs.