5 Nov 2019
9:00 am ET 60 min

The sobering reality for organizations and their learning and development (L&D) departments is that most of your training budget might be having little or no long-term impact. Learners can quickly forget much of what they learn in a course.

The good news is that you can solve this problem with fully automated targeted reinforcement. To move into the future and embrace an evidence-based approach to learning, you don’t have to throw out your LMS or revamp your entire strategy. Automated refresh can seamlessly improve learning outcomes by an order of magnitude.

Join us for this complimentary Training Industry Product Showcase, sponsored by Area9 Lyceum. Your host, Nick Howe, chief learning officer, will demonstrate how Area9 Rhapsode™, the world’s most advanced adaptive learning platform, can build and sustain proficiency for any organization.

This product demo will provide insights on:

  • Building a learning culture.
  • Spaced repetition.
  • How adaptive learning can prevent learner fatigue.