14 Oct 2020
11:00 am ET 60 mins

With the increase in demand for virtual training, it’s more important than ever to nurture a connection between your learner and your content. Meet your business needs by evoking changed behaviors in learners based on their experience and knowledge levels with virtual challenge labs that encourage learners to explore and apply their knowledge.

Join us for this free Training Industry Product Showcase, sponsored by Learn on Demand Systems. Your host, Katie O’Zey, lead instructional designer at Learn on Demand Systems, and Ashley Neace, senior product manager, will demonstrate how identifying your audience’s needs and meeting them with challenge labs is a key to successful training. Registering for this session also gets you a free copy of our eBook, “Challenge Accepted: Emerging Principles in Learning Design.”

During this interactive product demo, Katie and Ashley will address:

  • Identifying learners’ knowledge levels and balancing business and instructional strategy accordingly.
  • How to match objectives to the level of changed behavior needed.
  • Adding realistic examples and scenarios to increase on the job application.