23 Jul 2019
1:00 pm ET 60 min

Today’s training landscape is vastly different from the programs of the past. We’re asked to do more with less, while technology has rapidly changed expectations, competition is stronger and our time is spread thin.

Organizations are now consistently challenged with better serving today’s learners, outperforming the competition and leading their market in learning innovation. The solution is not to figure it out on your own but to find the right partner to help you accomplish these objectives.

Join us for this free Training Industry Product Showcase, sponsored by BenchPrep. Your host, Katie (Long) Babbili, will demonstrate how BenchPrep’s configurable, cloud-based learning platform increases learner engagement, drives more revenue for training programs and allows organizations to achieve their goals.

During this product demo, Katie will provide insights on:

  • How to develop a long-term plan for success (walk before you run) for your e-learning program.
  • How training organizations use digital tools to augment and improve their in-person and virtual classrooms.
  • How organizations are creating lifelong learning programs that continuously serve learners new content.