11 Oct 2019
9:00 am ET 60 min

Artificial intelligence and learning science are the future of education, but can you get the benefits without hiring an army of data scientists and researchers? Yes, because we’ve done the work for you. For more than 20 years, Area9 Lyceum has studied human factors and cognitive science with over 15 million learners to bring you our fourth-generation adaptive platform, Area9 Rhapsode™.

Join us for this complimentary Training Industry Product Showcase, sponsored by Area9 Lyceum. Your host, Nick Howe, chief learning officer, will show how organizations with hundreds to hundreds of thousands of employees can gain benefits for the learner, the business, and the L&D function using Area9 Rhapsode™.

This product demo will provide insights on how to:

  • Quickly develop and deploy AI-enabled personalized learning solutions
  • Use built-in workflows to cut the headaches of content development
  • Give your LMS a new adaptive lease of life without “rip-and-replace”
  • Gain insights beyond anything your LMS can provide using data-rich analytics
  • Transform the online learner experience