12 Jan 2021
1:00 pm ET 60 mins

Soft skills are more important than ever before, especially in our modern context of rapid change, globalized teams and increased automation. Organizations have therefore scrambled to give access to unlimited learning resources, but all research points to the need to upskill the workforce rather than simply give access to content.

Today’s learners are distracted, impatient, and have a limited attention span in their flow of work when it comes to learning. Instead of a recommendation engine, 56% of learners would engage more in learning when directed by their manager, according to LinkedIn.

CrossKnowledge is committed to helping people acquire relevant skills, so we have risen to the challenge by developing a new learning solution that enhances learning efficiency for soft skill acquisition at scale, giving space for managers and  L&D teams to develop their people. CK Connect integrates cutting-edge research, carried out by the Wiley Group, to connect learners, managers and L&D all on a single platform.

Join us for this complimentary Training Industry Product Showcase sponsored by CrossKnowledge. Rebecca Kwiatoski, Solution Consultant, will walk us through a product showcase of CrossKnowledge’s newest addition – CK Connect.

This interactive product demo on CK Connect will show you how to:

  • Help your learners discover and acquire the skills that really matter to them
  • Support managers to develop talent in their team and increase collaboration in an effective and easy way
  • Recommend training on skills that are valued by your organization
  • Rollout an efficient leadership framework or corporate values