25 Oct 2023
11:00 am ET

In today’s rapidly changing business landscape, one of the biggest mistakes organizations make is neglecting the training needs of the extended enterprise – Customers, contract employees, suppliers, franchisees, distributors, and vendors. Training your extended enterprise is essential to improve product knowledge and increase customer satisfaction, fueling your business’s growth.

But how do you build a strong training ecosystem for this network? Traditional training methods can fall short and often lead to fragmented knowledge and limited collaboration.

Join us for this complimentary Training Industry webinar, sponsored by CommLab India. Your hosts, RK Prasad, CEO and co-founder, and Abdul Razzaque Hussain, director of technology, will decode how to build a robust extended enterprise training ecosystem for your business growth.

Their conversations will cover:

  • Why do organizations need extended enterprise training?
  • The top five features of effective extended enterprise training.
  • How to cater to unique training requirements.
  • Creating a training roadmap for your external enterprises.