12 Aug 2021
1:00 pm ET

The last year has shown us just how critical digital learning is, but simply converting your training materials to a digital format is not enough. The next wave of digital transformation requires a long-term strategy to build a scalable and profitable training program.

With a personalized, data-driven approach, BenchPrep’s modern LMS ensures learners aren’t left behind by keeping them engaged throughout their learning journey, improving knowledge retention and driving better learning (and business!) outcomes.

Join us for this free Training Industry Product Showcase, sponsored by BenchPrep. Your host, Rhys Goulbourn, solutions engineer and learntech expert, will demonstrate 3 must-have LMS features that will help you not only ride this next wave of digital transformation, but stay ahead of the game.

During this product demo, Rhys will provide insights on

  • Continuous learning strategies such as spaced repetition and microlearning and show you how they are critical for your learners to reach mastery.
  • How personalized learning techniques can increase learner engagement.
  • Why robust data analytics and reporting is the key to success and what metrics your learning technology should be able to provide you.
  • and much more!