3 Nov 2022
1:00 pm ET 1 hr

We live in one of the most highly educated societies in history. But as society changes so does the way we learn. Professionals are on the go now more than ever, and learners have shorter attention spans and more responsibilities to juggle. Certification training programs must adapt to meet today’s learners where they are — in the digital space. And to do eLearning well, you need a learning management system (LMS). However, helping professionals prepare for lifechanging, career-shaping certifications requires more than just regular learning tech. What you need is an LMS built to provide a high-performing certification training experience.

There are many LMS features that will help your learners achieve mastery and feel confident going into their high stakes exam. In this complimentary Training Industry product demo webinar, Meghan Smith Aguilar, customer growth and success manager at BenchPrep, will share three key features on how a test prep LMS can best prepare your learners and help your business create new revenue streams.

During this product demo, Meghan will provide insights on:

• The importance of choosing an LMS that aligns with your certification training.
• How this engaging learning experience can improve learner confidence and unlock insights to drive program growth.
• How BenchPrep’s platform uses personalized study plans, practice tests and actionable data to help you build an effective, high-performing certification training program.