20 Sep 2022
11:00 am ET

Have you ever combined different learning modalities into one cohesive blended learning program to add impact, enhance the user experience and improve outcomes? Get ready to be blown away!

Lincoln Financial created a personalized learning experience for diverse user groups to roll out a cyber course and facilitate one of their first live virtual events. Strategic components including learning games, video-based practice, virtual coaching and an experiential learning platform produced a high-impact blended learning program that generated great results!

Join Janet Joseph, assistant vice president of learning management from Lincoln Financial, and Peter Getchell, senior enterprise account executive from ELB Learning, to see an outstanding example of creativity in learning and development (L&D).

This powerful case study will describe how:

  • Games and video practice can be blended into a curriculum.
  • Videos can be featured and personalized for user groups.
  • Learners can be tracked and held accountable for different learning modalities.
  • Different modalities can be personalized and delivered.