2 Mar 2021
1:00 pm ET 60 mins

How do you decide what mix of live and digital elements to use for virtual leadership training? How do you create online leadership programs that align with both learner and company goals? What different approaches should you take when designing a program from scratch or modifying a previously in-person experience?

Join industry experts Adrianne Claybrooks, manager of learning design at Grant Thornton, and Daryl Fleary, account manager at Intrepid by VitalSource, to hear their answers to these questions, based on two highly successful Grant Thornton leadership programs designed for two different audiences.

In this interactive webinar, you will learn:

  • How to choose the best mix of digital and live-virtual components for your audience.
  • Key considerations and best practices for delivering virtual leadership development programs.
  • How to approach designing a digital learning experience from scratch vs. modifying an existing in-person program.