24 Aug 2021
1:00 pm ET

Isn’t it time to meet the needs of your clients where they are today? Are you still pitching the same old e-learning, missing new revenue opportunities? The demand for digital learning experiences is growing exponentially, during and post-COVID. Successful consulting companies understand that the pandemic has accelerated the push for collaborative and blended learning and are acting on that intel. Join them and change your firm’s outlook on digital products.

In this webinar our expert panel will discuss how the trend of learning with and from others has accelerated, along with a rise in digital transformation projects, and the need for scalable solutions that your firm can evolve with. This interactive webinar will provide actionable insights on:

  • How to use collaborative and blended learning to generate a revenue stream
  • How to evolve your approach to capitalize on the new collaborative paradigm of learning
  • How to build scalable, sellable programs that leverage the talents of your people wisely
  • How to ensure your clients’ stakeholders (the learners) are engaged and thriving with your offerings