4 May 2021
11:00 am ET 30 mins

During the summer of 2020, protests exploded across the nation and worldwide over police tactics and violence. As the protests ended, many organizations have begun questioning their existing policies and practices through a DEI lens. How can learning and development (L&D) and human resources (HR) help advance DEI for all?

Join us for this complimentary Training Industry webinar, sponsored by Vado, an HSI Company, to explore these questions and address HR and L&D’s role in driving DEI in the workplace. Your host, Cindy Pascale, vice president of products and services, will also provide insights on:

  • DEI, defined.
  • The importance of an equitable and inclusive workforce.
  • Who is responsible for advancing DEI in the workplace.
  • Specific actions HR and L&D can take to drive equitable work for all.