21 Feb 2023
1:00 pm ET

Psychological safety is an essential ingredient of high-performing teams and is directly linked to the employee experience. As an organization, creating an environment where people can openly discuss challenges, accelerate good ideas and bring their whole selves to work should be a top priority. So, what’s the “secret sauce” to building a culture of psychological safety? The answer is simple: your people.

Join us for this complimentary Training Industry webinar, sponsored by Blue Ocean Brain, where chief learning officer, Claire Herring, will offer actionable tips to help your leaders and employees integrate psychological safety into their daily practice. Claire will help you ignite your people on a journey of inclusion, starting with the building blocks of how to engage in psychologically safe conversations, to how to foster a culture that embraces the whole person.

This interactive webinar will offer the latest insights on:

  • Understanding what psychological safety is and isn’t, and how it impacts your culture and the employee experience.
  • Gaining awareness of behaviors that hinder psychological safety and how to help your people build the skills that promote a psychologically safe workplace.
  • Learning how to have more effective 1:1 conversations that empower people to share their whole selves.
  • Discovering how to build psychologically safe teams and how to keep a pulse on team dynamics over time.