27 Apr 2022
11:00 am ET

eLearning is a must in today’s corporate training world. However, are your learners and leaders ready to embrace it? Despite the apparent advantages and growing demand for eLearning, some organizations are having a hard time getting on board. To them, it is a huge and costly investment. Luckily for learning and development (L&D) teams, eLearning is not a next to impossible initiative. What if we were to say, you can get started with eLearning using your existing classroom training materials or subject matter expert (SME) recordings? Yes, that’s right!

Join us in this complimentary Training Industry webinar sponsored by CommLab India, where your host, Shalini Merugu, the director of learning solutions at CommLab India, will share key insights on the effectiveness of using eLearning in your L&D programs and best practices on how to drive your organization’s readiness in adopting it as an effective training strategy.

This interactive session will explore:

  • The common challenges organizations face when transitioning to eLearning.
  • The problem of too much or too little content.
  • Online strategies to replicate the traditional classroom experience.
  • Tips to retain the war stories and personal connect of subject matter experts (SMEs).