10 Jun 2021
1:00 pm ET 60 mins

As businesses are becoming more and more digital, they’re looking to their internal training and development processes to help enable this transformation. Business leaders want training and learning solutions that align with business strategies and maximize skills and competencies that drive performance while also optimizing the time and resources invested in training.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered adaptive learning is fast becoming a must-have enabler for large-scale companies striving to transform their training investments.

This complimentary product demo, sponsored by Realizeit, will show how adaptive learning can help achieve the following learning and performance goals:

  • To increase learner engagement through personalization.
  • To reduce the time to onboard, upskill, reskill and cross-skill employees.
  • To provide employees with targeted and relevant learning opportunities on-demand and in the flow of work.
  • To identify and manage organizational skills gaps and risks.