17 Jul 2024
11:00 am ET
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Retention Revolution: Strategies for Stickiness in Learning
Michelle Lentz, Senior Learning and AI Strategist, ELB Learning

From Mundane to Memorable: Develop and Retain a Top-Performing Sales Team
David Ashe, Director of Sales Development, Allego

Making Learning Unforgettable: 3 Practical Examples
Oliver Nussbaum, Managing Director, imc Learning
Kenneth Littlepage, L&D Project Leader, imc Learning

Struggling with training programs that seem to fade from the memory of your learners all too quickly? Join this Training Industry Leader Talk to gain the skills and knowledge needed to create learning experiences that yield lasting results.

We’ll explore innovative approaches and proven techniques to reinforce learning beyond the initial training session. From leveraging technology to designing engaging follow-up activities, our expert speakers will provide actionable insights that address the top challenges of knowledge retention. You will leave with practical strategies for implementing ongoing learning initiatives within your organization.

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