17 Nov 2021
11:00 am ET

Virtual training is here to stay — and being able to fully engage participants during training is critical to learning.

High levels of participation and engagement are key: Learn how to produce a learning environment where participants work together to problem solve.

Join us for this complimentary Training Industry webinar, sponsored by Jigsaw Interactive. Award-winning management consultant Ray Jimenez will share his top seven techniques for highly successful virtual learning. Ray’s webinars and workshops have been attended by over 45,000 learning leaders.

As a bonus, Ray will share 20 micro-videos explaining his extraordinary techniques.

Join the webinar and download the Engagement Matrix – Guide to Facilitation.

This interactive webinar will provide tips on:

  • Getting your audience active & engaged during training
  • Building a learning environment vs using lecture-based training
  • Going beyond chat for engagement
  • Assessing what people learn during each session