29 Sep 2022
11:00 am ET

We all know psychological safety matters. Research supports the connection between high levels of safety, engagement and team performance. But how can psychological safety benefit learning specifically? It can start by helping people learn and grow better together. Teams are a natural and necessary asset for learning. Employees come together to learn all the time — through program cohorts, group coaching and professional communities, just to name a few. But learning in a team is not without interpersonal risk. To learn effectively together, we must stretch beyond our comfort zones, get involved and speak up.

Join us in this complimentary Training Industry webinar, where your hosts Laura Walker, talent development specialist at Hemsley Fraser, will share insights on psychological safety in the workplace and why it matters now to organizations, teams and individuals.

In this interactive sessions, attendees will learn:

  • What psychological safety means.
  • Why it matters now to organizations, teams and individuals.
  • How to utilize the SPEAK Model to encourage psychological safety in teams.